If you want to be free from stress, live in the moment live through the breath.

 Mindfulness training 

Vitality Breaks are pleased to be offering mindfulness based stress reduction workshops and retreats. Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to create new neural pathways in the brain taking you out of auto pilot mode, reducing stress and giving you the choice to respond rather than react. Regular practice improves concentration and you can be present and more engaged in your daily life. Evidence from the University of Oxford mindfulness centre has proven that Mindfulness increases our ability to focus for longer.

Benefits Include:

Strengthen emotional and mental resilience – Improve powers of concentration and focus – Calm your mind and learn how to unwind – Activate your brains centre of creativity and increae innovation – Enhance emotional intelligence and develop people skills – Relax your neck shoulders and back to prevent pain – Relieve tension headaches, anxiety, stress and insomnia – Uplift overall mood and wellbeing – Create a healthy work/life balance.


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